Some of the books I have found useful in this project:

  • Earthship Volumes I, II and III by Michael Reynolds – These are definitely the starting point.
  • Comfort In Any Climate by Michael Reynolds – Good background information but not as ueful as the Earthship Volumes in my opinion.
  • Create an Oasis with Greywater by Art Ludwig – Excellent resource on grey water recovery.
  • Builder’s Greywater Guide by Art Ludwig – A supplement to Create an Oasis with Greywater. This book covers permitting of greywater systems.
  • Earth Sheltered Houses by Rob Roy – An excellent reference for earth-sheltered houses, easy to understand and lots of practical building advice.
  • Water Storage by Art Ludwig – Good resource on water storage.
  • The Earth-Sheltered House: An Architect’s Sketchbook by Malcom Wells – Considered one of the early pioneers in earth-sheltered housing. I found this book interesting, but not as valuable as Earth Sheltered Houses.
  • Undergrond Houses: How to Build a Low-Cost Home by Rob Roy – An excellent book, but it is all covered and more in Earth Sheltered Houses.
  • Principles of Ecological Design: Integrating Technology, Economics and Ecology by Art Ludwig – An interesting book, but not immediately relevant to building your own home. If you have already commited to building an Earthship you can probably skip this one …
  • Water From the Sky by Michael Reynolds – I have not read this one yet but just received a comment from a reader about grey water saying that this book goes into detail about the grey water and black water systems of an earthship. I have not been able to find a copy in the library, so I may have to buy this one …

Web sites …

  • – Home of earthship Biotecture
  • – Article on the building of an earthship
  • -website of an earthship builder
  • www.bluerockstation – website of an earthship builder
  • – website of an earthship builder. Very good notes on his construction process.

I will add more resources as I see them.

Let me know of anything you think is worth adding to the list!

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