We are new Earthship Dwellers…

We are new Earthship Dwellers…

Posted by in Community, Earthship on 25. Dec, 2012 | 13 Comments

We’ve just spent our first night as a family in the earthship a few nights ago. It has been a crazy, exhausting eight months as we made our final push to get moved in.

We are getting cozy.

We aren’t finished yet; far from it. But we have all the amenities to keep ourselves warm and … Read More →

Gathering momentum

Gathering momentum

Posted by in Earthship, Plumbing on 14. Aug, 2012 | 1 Comment

You bet we are! We’ve made some fabulous progress on the earthship. If you have liked our FB page, The Darfield Earthship, you will have seen our latest pictures and updates.  Base plaster coat is now on the tires and a five-day work party helped to accomplish this.  We submitted and had our plumbing plan approved … Read More →

Solar Hot Water … Don’t Make a Bomb!

Solar Hot Water … Don’t Make a Bomb!

Posted by in Earthship, Energy Solutions, Graywater, Plumbing, Wood gasification on 23. Jun, 2012 | 10 Comments

I’ve done a lot of reading lately as I layout the plumbing for our home.

The funniest statement I read became the title of this post … let’s try not to kill ourselves while building our dream home!

Before I dive into the solar heated water I want to back up a bit … what I have … Read More →

Greywater, Plumbing and Helpful Resources

Greywater, Plumbing and Helpful Resources

Posted by in Earthship, Graywater, Plumbing on 16. Jun, 2012 | 0 Comments

I’ve been designing the plumbing and grey water for our earthship over the last week … so I have been doing a lot of reading.

A few things have caught my attention during this process.

First, more recently written books in this space (green building, grey water design) are much more detailed than a couple of years … Read More →

Sneaking back here for an update…

Posted by in Community, Earthship on 04. May, 2012 | 0 Comments

We’ve both been ignoring the blog for a while.  Every free moment for the last few weeks has been dedicated to wall packout.  We are currently on the fourth of five rooms and hope to be done this layer in a few days (we are on our third layer of packout). We do have to complete a … Read More →

Delica Conversion

Posted by in Energy Solutions, WVO vehicle on 21. Nov, 2011 | 0 Comments

I see in this blog’s “draft” section, the start of a post from Chris.  I know we have both been feeling the pressure to post about this project in roughly the same way we posted about the Rocket Mass Heater. 

Time has been….at a premium. If it wasn’t enough that we didn’t feel we had enough … Read More →

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